Sunday, July 25, 2010

(BLOG) Torossian: Israel’s PR Is Out Of Spin

"As a proud Zionist who owns one of the 15 largest independent PR firms in the United States, I can find no other way to spin this: Israel’s communications are lacking and poorly managed. Even two months after the terrible mismanagement of the events surrounding the flotilla, there’s no wake-up call in sight, and there’s no sign the next flotilla will be managed any differently in the media.

Israel is a young country. Unfortunately, it learns things quickly and painfully. The recent flotilla events with Turkey provided the quickest crash course on social media to date. It spread through YouTube quickly, and people were responsive, enraged; it damaged Israel’s image. It took Israeli leaders three or four days just to come up with their visual angle of the incident, and when it did come out, there were Hebrew subtitles in the video. There is no reason for PR in Israel to be neglected this way."

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