Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(HELP) Youtube Is Full Of Anti-Israel / Antisemitic Videos

UPDATED!! 66 videos removed so far..

Due to the successful removal of many Anti-Israel groups on Facebook as well as the removal of Antisemitic Troll user accounts on Facebook, I decided to do the same thing with Youtube.

I ran various searches for Anti-Israel and Antisemitic video footage and managed to find only a few so far but I will be updating the list below regularly.

Once again I would like the help of each of you to have these propaganda based videos removed from Youtube by flagging them as inappropriate.

To report these videos as inappropriate, follow the steps below.

On the bottom right of each video you will see an < Embed > button, right next to that is a symbol of a flag, press this button then select the following "Hateful or Abusive Content" --> "promotes hatred or violence". Once you have done that, then select "national origin" from the drop down menu if it is related to Israel or select "religion" if it is related to Jews...

The success of these removals is based on the effort you put in to report these videos, so I ask that you please take a little bit of time out to do this... Thank you!

UPDATE: 66 videos removed so far...

Click here to download the HTML link list or you can use the links below...

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HELP: Facebook Is Full Of Anti-Israel / Hate Speech Groups & Pages

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