Thursday, July 29, 2010

(VIDEO) A Side To Gaza The Media Never Shows You

"Shocking Video Footage Of The Bright Side Of Gaza The Media Will Never Show You.

See How You've Been Brainwashed By The Media Into Thinking Gaza Is One Big Concentration Camp And How The Israeli's Are Always Blamed Falsely For Everything.

Particularly after the Gaza Jihad flotilla incident this video is much needed. Life expectancy has been said to be higher in Gaza than in Turkey, so why the need for the flotilla's to be headed to Gaza when they should have stayed in Turkey? Infanct mortality rates are lower in Gaza than in Turkey also.

So much for Gaza being deprived of rights, food.

A new shopping mall by the name of GazaMall has just opened up in Gaza also. As you can see from the video footage there is no shortage of food, clothing or other items that are often claimed by muslims as well as the biased Anti-Semitic media."

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