Sunday, August 1, 2010

(BLOG) 8 Reasons Leftists Should Be Pro-Israel

"Israel continues to be the demon poster-child of the Left. The prime example of a repressive regime and abuser of human rights. On the Left, people became outraged and agitated over Israel more than over any other cause. Israel's supposed villainy will bring out protestors on cold, rainy days in a way no other issue can. Many of these people are earnest, but perhaps misled.

In most ways, my own politics tend to be Liberal-Left: I support single-payer, universal healthcare, I opposed the war in Iraq and the Bush-Cheney 'imperial presidency,' I even voted twice for Ralph Nader. However, like French philosopher Bernard Henri-Lévy, I differ on Israel and reject the demonization of Israel, whether at the United Nations, in the world media, or among American and European Leftists."

My Opinion

Please note that the author of this article is a leftist himself and yet still manages to portray a valid enough reason as to why leftists should be Pro-Israel, if you are still not convinced after this then perhaps you are not a leftist but a delusional fascist...

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