Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(BLOG) GOP Leaders Continue To Rally Support For Israel, Democrats Continue To Hide Their Heads In The Sand

"Today Congressman Peter Roskam (R-Ill) issued the following statement in support of Israel's actions during the incident with Lebanon yesterday.

'Lebanon's unprovoked attack on Israeli Defense Forces earlier this week during UN planned tree trimming is just one more example of the tenuous security situation Israelis live with every day. Assistance from the United Nations to quell tensions this week was a welcome change, but serves as a constant reminder that true peace is only possible when both parties work together and are willing to negotiate directly with one another.'

After receiving this press release in the early afternoon, I held it in order to include possible statements coming from the Democratic side. I was sure that Chuck Schumer would say something just as powerful, or Congressman Gary Ackerman, both of whom have been supportive of Israel their entire careers. If not those Democrats, maybe Jerrold Nadler made a statement, or one of the other pro-Israel members of the Democratic Party. Strangely there was no voice coming out of the Democrats in Congress."

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