Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(BLOG) 'Israel' Not Welcome In Egypt

"An Egyptian political candidate is opting to omit “Israel” from her name, due to the negative connotation the Jewish state bears in the minds of Egyptians.

Dr. Su’ad Israel Saad, who is running for office in the governorate of Luxor, removed election posters bearing her middle name, replacing them with others bearing only Su’ad Saad.

She told the Egyptian daily Al-Yom A-Sabi’ she had decided to do this following conversations with many friends where they advised her that Egyptians found the word Israel shocking.

'Despite the fact that the name Israel appears in the Quran as the name of the prophet Jacob, some simple citizens tie the word Israel to the State of Israel which incites animosity in them,' Saad told the newspaper."

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