Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(BLOG) A Muslim View Of Obama

"US President Barack Obama is much more popular in the Muslim world, in compared to his predecessors. Muslim leaders and the press will always avoid criticizing Obama: many Muslims strongly believes that Obama is still in fact a Muslim.

Obama was preparing to meet Iranian President Ahmadinejad; it was already reported in the international media that Obama sent a secret message to the notorious Islamist terror outfit, Hamas.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit told Nile TV, 'The American President told me in confidence that he is a Muslim.'

The minister said during a round-table show that he'd had a One-on-one meeting with Obama, who swore to him that he was a Moslem, the son of a Moslem father and step-son of Moslem step-father; that his half-brothers in Kenya were Moslems, and that he was loyal to the Moslem agenda. He asked that the Moslem world show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic American problems (at that time,Healthcare), he would show the Moslem world what he would do with Israel."

My Opinion

At least one Muslim has the guts to speak out against Radical Islam, Jihad and Obama...

This is a good start, it is time for more to do the same, you have nothing to lose only much to gain from bringing down radical Islam, Jihad and Obama...

I do not understand why there are so few Muslims in the world who are willing to stand up and against terrorism, Jihad, Sharia law and anything else that disrupts peaceful living in our world today, you have a voice and a right to use it, so why not use it...

1 Muslim voice speaking out against radical Islam, terrorism, Jihad and Sharia law is worth 1000 voices of a Jew or Christian speaking out, it is also worth 2000 of an Israeli person speaking out, so what are you waiting for?

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