Sunday, August 8, 2010

(BLOG) Reports Which Distort Israeli Reality...About Israel's "Peace Partners"

"1) Fatah's Intentions..

The standard reports in the media portray Machmud Abbas and the Fatah as peace partners for Israel in the current middle east negotiations.

Rarely do we find any news reports which quote a senior Israeli government minister, Benyamin Begin, who tries to remind the public that the Fatah reiterated its commitment to the armed struggle against Israel at the seminal Fatah conference that took place last August in Bethlehem and that the Fatah never changed its covenant and commitment to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine.

See: 'Fatah Conference: August 2009' at

2) Egypt’s Role in the Massive Supply of Weapons and Munitions to Hamas Regime in Gaza.

The standard reports in the media portray Iran as the sole supplier of weapons and munitions into the Gaza strip, via the tunnels.

Rarely do we find any news reports which note the geographical contiguity of Egypt to Gaza, and that is Egypt which allows hundreds of tunnels to have been dug into Gaza from Egyptian territory. Why not pay heed to credible intelligence analysis which lays the blame for the import of weapons and munitions to the Gaza regime squarely on the shoulders of the Egyptian regime?

Peruse the Bar Ilan University intelligence study which written just after Israel unilaterally stopped its military incursion into Gaza, entitled 'Egypt Is Not Going to Stop the Smuggling into Gaza' at

3) Is Israel Set to Deport the Children of Foreign Workers?

Standard news reports headline supposed Israeli government discussions to deport the children of foreign workers from Israel.

In fact, what is on the agenda of the Israeli government concerns the 26,000 non Jewish foreigners who have infiltrated into the Jewish state.

Some of these foreigners have sought menial work in Israeli industry.

No discussion in the Israeli government concerning a proposal to deport the children of this illegal population in Israel has been discussed.

Instead, the New Israel Fund financed groups which advocate for this influx have manipulated the media to believe that the Israeli government is only discussing the deportation of the children of foreigners who have illegally arrived in Israel.

Rarely does the media report that intelligence reports confirm that more than one million illegal refugees are headed towards Israel through Egypt's Sinac desert, set to descend on Israel, whose total population numbers only 7.5 million, of whom 20% are already not Jewish.

Rarely does the media anlayze security implications of the thousands of refugees from Sudan, an Arab nation with an Islamic regime in an active war with Israel.

Rarely do you read press analysis of what would happen if 30,000 Sudanese established their presence in Israel’s port city of Elat, a city of less than 47,000 people.

If these Sudanese were to take civics lessons from the NIF and then assert their democratic right to vote in an Elat municipal election, why would the Sudanese vote for Elat to secede from Israel, and join the Arab world? This would represent an Arab military victory, without firing a shot.

How many people remember that the Egyptian Parliament laid claim to Elat only four years ago.

Is it only a coincidence that Egypt provides the Sinai as a staging ground for the massive influx of a hostile population into Israel, especially into Elat, where unwanted non Jewish squatters now constitute at least 10% of Elat’s population?." (source)

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