Thursday, August 19, 2010

(HELP) Send A Message Of Support To Gilad Shalit

Gilad Shalit has been held captive by Hamas for four long years. For more than 1,500 days, he has been denied visits by the Red Cross and cut off from all contact with his family. Tell Gilad he is not alone as he marks his 24th birthday on August 28th and his fifth Rosh Hashanah in captivity. Send him a card for his birthday and/or the Jewish New Year.

Mail Gilad a personal card to the address below or click on one of the following electronic messages. The Conference of Presidents will deliver your message to the International Committee of the Red Cross and demand that Hamas allow the ICRC to visit and deliver the messages to Gilad in accordance with international humanitarian law.

"To the hostage, time itself is torture. It becomes an enemy. Filled with uncertainty, his time
is different from ours. His waiting is not like ours. His minutes are longer than ours. -- Elie Wiesel"

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