Thursday, August 12, 2010

(IDF) Protective Structure Used To Defend Civilians From Sniping To Be Dismantled Due To Stability In Area

"As a result of the stable security situation in the area, the Israel Defense Forces, in coordination with the Jerusalem municipality and the Israeli Police will begin dismantling the protective concrete structure used to defend civilians from sniping adjacent to the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem on Sunday, 15 August 2010.

The protective concrete structure was erected eight years ago during the ‘Al Aqsa’ Intifada in order to protect Gilo residents from gunfire and shells fired from the town of Beit Jala.

It should be emphasized that the decision to remove the protective structure was made as a result of situational assessments in the Central Command, staff work and agreement amongst all of the relevant officials.

The work is expected to take two weeks, during which time the following streets will be closed to traffic: Ha-Anafa, Ha-Shaish, Margalit, Shoham, and Achlama.

The IDF remains committed to protecting the citizens of Israel while considering changes in the security situation." (source)

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