Sunday, August 29, 2010

(NEWS) 2 Israeli Families Attacked In Qalandiya After Losing Their Way

"Two Israeli couples, their kids accidentally enter refugee camp, get pelted with stones by locals. 'We already said our last prayers,' one passenger says. Palestinian gas station worker eventually helps them find way out.

Two Israeli families accidentally entered the Qalandiya refugee camp and were pelted with stones on Saturday. 'We already said our last prayers,' one of the passengers said. They eventually found their way out with the help of a Palestinian gas station worker.

Two couples and their five children, the oldest aged six and the youngest 11 months, drove on Route 443 towards Atarot after returning from a bar mitzva on Saturday. They lost their way after making a wrong turn and ended up at the Qalandiya refugee camp, where they claim to have been pelted with stones for half an hour."

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