Tuesday, August 10, 2010

(NEWS) Canada: Gay Anti-Israel Group To March

"Queers Against Israeli Apartheid will join Toronto gay parade.

For the second consecutive year, the protest group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid will march in Montreal's Gay Pride parade.

Parade organizer Fierte Montreal Pride told the group that organizers will have the final say on the acceptability of banners and slogans carried in the Aug. 15 parade, the Montreal Gazette reported."

My Opinion

You have to be delusional to try and compare Israel's situation to South Africa's former situation, there is no comparison...

I lived in Apartheid South Africa and I now live in Non-Apartheid Israel and I can tell you first hand that this is a pure lie... Come see for yourselves...

Here are 2 videos explaining how Israel can not possibly be an Apartheid state and that the word Apartheid is mis-used purely because there is a wall on the border preventing terrorists from entering illegally... Every country has a border fence and you cannot cross it, ours has a wall...

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