Tuesday, August 17, 2010

(NEWS) Despite Reaction, Irish Student IDF Volunteer Would Do It Again

"Cliona Campbell, a 19 year old Irish student who volunteered to help in the IDF says that she returned home after two months in Israel to a hate campaign, organized by anti-Israel elements in Ireland who saw her story written up in a local newspaper.

A resident of Cork in Ireland, Campbell volunteered several months ago for a program coordinated by Sar-El, which sends volunteers to work on IDF bases or in nursing homes, helping out with routine activities such as maintenance, packing 'kitbags', working in the kitchen, gardening, etc. Participants also take tours of the country, and learn about Israeli and Jewish life."

My Opinion

Good on you Cliona, don't let them bully you around like this, try to share your experiences with them as they are only deluded by all the garbage they are fed by the media and anti-Israel activists... Not everything is black and white, Israel is super colorful as you now know :)
We hope that you return, perhaps with some new people who need to experience what Israel is all about and how it is nothing like the media portrays it...

I take my hat off to you and hope these ignorant people learn something and do not harm you in any way, if they do then they only prove how thug-like their views on the world are in the first place which reflects back on them anyway...

If you are reading this, know that we will stand by you in any way that we can, take care and Shalom!

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