Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(NEWS) Video Proves MK Zoabi Knew Activists Were Armed

"Army Radio releases flotilla footage disproving MK's statements.

Video footage proving that MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) knew that IHH activsts aboard the Mavi Marmara were armed with metal pipes was released by Army Radio on Wednesday.

Zoabi, who was aboard the Gaza-bound ship which was part of a flotilla that aimed to break Israel's blockade of the coastal territory, had previously claimed that she was not aware that the activists were armed. The members of the Turkish organization subsequently clashed violently with IDF naval commandos."

Watch the video clip with English captions and see My Opinion below...

My Opinion

This video clearly shows armed activists before and after the raid took place and you see Zoabi close enough to armed activists for her statement given to the inquiry to be deemed false...

The other thing to note in this video is that the soldiers were trying very hard to persuade Zoabi and the injured passengers to go with them so that they could be treated in the hospital...

However they refused to have treatment done in an Israeli hospital even though some of them were in a life threatening situation of which Zoabi put up no fight to persuade the injured passengers to be helped by some of the best doctors in the world, in Israel.

The media have made our soldiers out to be inhumane but they neglect to show the concern and frustration that the soldiers are showing in trying to provide them with help, even the IDF medic is determined to help them... So much for being inhumane!

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