Thursday, September 16, 2010

(BLOG) Muslims, If They Want To Live In America, Should Learn To Understand America

"By Peter Muehleis: Have you heard about the rabbi who wants to build a synagogue in a predominantly Muslim area of Detroit? As might be expected, the Muslim community is overwhelmingly opposed to its construction. Nonetheless, the rabbi insists the synagogue would be a center for outreach and interfaith understanding.

There are almost daily demonstrations protesting the construction and news reports speculating on the intolerance of some of the protesters. Even local politicians are weighing in on the matter. Some think the synagogue should be built, but not in this neighborhood, others cite the Constitutional right of freedom of religion, and say the rabbi has every right to build his synagogue. Even President Obama has expressed his concern saying, 'While I won't comment on the wisdom of the plan, I will support their right to build their synagogue.'

In a recent twist, fund-raising for the synagogue by local Jews is falling far short of the money needed for construction. It is suspected that most of the money might be coming from Jews in Israel or even the Israeli government itself.

In a recent interview with the rabbi, he was asked whether he had any second thoughts about building the synagogue in such a location. He was quoted as saying, 'if I had thought there would be such resistance, I would never have chosen that site.' Asked if it was too late to move the location, he said, 'Yes, because it would incite Jews around the world to violence, and the last thing we need right now is more anti-American sentiment when we are trying to reach out.'

He went on to say, 'If America wanted to send a conciliatory message to Jews around the world they would help fund the construction.'

In case you haven't caught on yet, the above story is fiction, and in its present form, quite ludicrous. Substitute the words Muslim for Jew and imam for rabbi and you have the situation playing out in New York right now with the lone exception being that the media would be looking only for intolerant Jews or Christians.

I'm not sure what can be said about a people whose religion or culture propels them to violence at the slightest provocation and whose means to an end are threats of violence.

The politically correct among us would have us 'learn to understand' a culture living in the 7th century. I contend they learn to understand America, especially if they plan to live here." (source)

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