Sunday, September 19, 2010

(BLOG) Serendipitous Cross Cultural Sweep

"By Rodney A Finkel: On the eve of another round of dhimi (the American flavour) sponsored talks about talks about the possiblity of extending a jihadi hudna in order to create more favourable terms for Fatah to extract the right conditions to begin negotiating a peace that was offered to them unconditionally on the eve of the second intifada, I begin to remember why it is that the term negotiated peace has become a token symbol, a phrase rendered null in terms of meaning.

'Palestinians' have never wanted peace simply because they have always been a proxy, their aspirations to nationhood a facade and their adoption of 'Palestinian' as a token word, a subversion and inversion of the fact that the Jewish people are the true Palestinians. So once again we begin the same old dance.

It was also around this time, 9 years ago, when the French State Tv hoax/libel, known as the Al Durrah incident, was put in motion against the Jewish people. The ignorant and the complicit once again found a place to excercise their ignorance and or deconstructivist moral relativism and squeelled, like pigs, at the chance to compare Israelis to Nazis, Israel to Apartheid South Africa (ludicrous). This now obscure incident helped fan the flames of the second intifada and served as a symbol of supposed Israeli oppression of the Palestinians too the Palestinian and as a rallying cry for all that would deny Jewish people a home.

I wont easily forget my first introduction to the way people remain oblivious to truth and how they give themselves over to narrative so willingly. No one talks about how this focal point of lies served to ignite so much violence, anymore. Although the incident was exposed as being a hoax, the perpetrators are still working as journalists, the media entities that spread the lies never assumed culpability.

Most importantly, the thousands of people that sanctioned terror by what they termed 'freedom fighters' where now firmly entrenched in their view of what they perceived to be Israeli/Jewish agression and oppression. We were now the Nazis and the 'Palestinian' the ghetto dweller, who will take responsability for this crass inversion of reality and its now mass dissimenation in popular media?

Al durrah, the name of the victim and main protagonist of the French libel, lost his son simultaneously to 'Palestinian' terror and to the manipulation of his people to serve as proxies in a perpetual war against the Jew. This damocalean sword has another edge though, it is important to not let narrative overtake truth. To remain informed is to be able to put the shards together and to see that regardless of the facts, those that have an agenda will always have an audience.

So I take a little comfort in the beautifull irony that the lands and people that perpetrated the most heinous genocide in man kinds history, and still have the nerve to point self righteous accusatory fingers at our will to not submit to another 2000 years of their hate now have the ultimate demographic time bomb about to go off in their faces.

Their need for a cheap labour force, their two faced embrace of multi culturalism and their revisionist attempts to change the history and context of what their parents and grandparents did to the Jews, has now put them firmly on the road to dhimitude and the caliphate province of Pan Islamism known as Eurabia. Ironic justice indeed.

It is our perogative to forgive, its also our choice to smile at how their weak religious and civil institutions buckle to the Islamic cultural onslaught and how their elites in civil society are selling their cultures down another oil well for a few petro dollars more." (source)

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