Thursday, September 23, 2010

(HELP) Facebook Event: "Burn A Jew Day" - to be removed! - UPDATED!

UPDATE: This event has been removed!

"Burn A Jew Day"
The title of another antisemitic event that was created recently on Facebook.

While the recently created group may seem harmless and small at the moment, only having a few Members so far, we all know how quickly these types of pages grow into thousands and are truly distasteful...

The creator of the page, Jeremy Herpa Nation, as well as many of the members accounts appear to be troll accounts on Facebook and so I have added this event and the troll accounts to the main list of Facebook groups and pages to be removed and list of antisemitic Troll accounts to be removed...

I have forwarded a request to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to have this removed and so far many people that I have asked, have reported the page after I informed them of it, I would like you to do the same please and share with your friends so they can help report it too...

To report: Click here to open the page then scroll down the page to the bottom of the event, there will be a "Report Event" link, click on it then select either "Contains Hate Speech or Attacks an Individual" then "Targets a religious group" from the drop down menu then press Submit and you are done.

Thank you!

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