Tuesday, September 21, 2010

(HELP) Facebook Event: "Kill A Jew Day" - to be removed! - UPDATED!

UPDATE: This event described below has been removed! 

"Kill A Jew Day"
The title of an antisemitic event that was created recently on Facebook.

While the recently created group may seem harmless and small at the moment, only having 96+ Members so far, we all know how quickly these types of pages grow into thousands and are truly distasteful...

The creator of the page, Bill Waggoner, who I have tracked to England in the UK, as well as many of the members accounts appear to be troll accounts on Facebook and so I have added this event and the troll accounts to the main list of Facebook groups and pages to be removed and list of antisemitic Troll accounts to be removed...

I have forwarded a request to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to have this removed and so far many people that I have asked, have reported the page after I informed them of it, I would like you to do the same please and share with your friends so they can help report it too...

To report: Click here to open the page then scroll down the page to the bottom of the event, there will be a "Report Event" link, click on it then select either "Contains Hate Speech or Attacks an Individual" then "Targets a religious group" from the drop down menu then press Submit and you are done.

Thank you!

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