Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(IDF) Leaders Of The Haganah Organization Celebrate 90 Years Since Its Founding

"Commanders of the Haganah, the military organization that later became a core part of the IDF upon the founding of the State of Israel, met yesterday evening to celebrate 90 years of the organization’s founding. Around two thousand of its members and their families participated in the celebration which included former President of the Haganah and current Friends of the Haganah President, Mr. Yitzhak Navon, Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai, chairperson of the National Haganah Organization Maj. Gen. (res.) Tzvikah Levanon, and the Chief Education Officer of the IDF Brig. Gen. Eli Shermeister. In remarks regarding the occasion, the IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi noted, 'You, members of the Haganah, paved the way for the IDF as the army of the Jewish people. I salute you.'

The Haganah Organization was the main and central military organization before the establishment of the State of Israel. Six commanders of the Haganah went on to become IDF Chiefs of Staff, and 27 Haganah commanders eventually became Major Generals in the IDF." (source)

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