Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(NEWS) Animal Droppings Keep Israeli Border Quiet

"Lion and tiger droppings are preventing other animals from tripping the electronic alert system along Israel's northern border with Syria, officials said.

Israeli reservist soldiers deployed along a section of the border found their sleep was constantly being interrupted by wild pigs tripping the alert system, Israel's daily Yedioth Ahronoth said Monday.

Fed up with a lack of sleep, and after hearing that the droppings of lions and tigers were an effective deterrent in keeping other animals away, the reservists contacted the Safari Park in Ramat Gan.

After consulting with zoo officials, the soldiers organized the transportation of large amounts of the animals' droppings, the newspaper said.

They shoveled the droppings into the back of jeeps and then scattered 'mounds' along the border fence.

The reservists are now sleeping well and the pigs stay away, the newspaper said." (source)

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