Thursday, September 16, 2010

(NEWS) Crowd Gathers In Downtown Louisville To Protest Pro-Israel Fundraiser

"Nearly 40 demonstrators gathered outside the 21c hotel downtown on Tuesday night to protest a fundraiser held inside by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel lobbying organization.

The protest, organized by Louisville Jewish Voice for Peace, held signs supporting Palestinians and spoke against what they see as an effort by the committee in support of attacking Iran to disrupt its nuclear program.

'The last thing we need right now is an escalation of war and bloodshed in the Middle East,' said protestor Nadira Wallace.

Many demonstrators made it a priority to point out that they were speaking out against Israeli policies, not the Israeli people, and many argued that an end to an Israeli presence in the West Bank and Gaza was the only way to bring security for Israel.

'There can only be peace for Israel if there is justice, if there is an end to the occupation,' said Sonia de Vries.

There were two pro-Israel demonstrators at the corner of West Main and Seventh streets, but the peace activists attracted most the attention, receiving honks from passing cars and interest from pedestrians.

It was an important demonstration to share diversity in the views of Jewish people toward Israeli foreign policy, said Russ Greenleaf, an organizer with Louisville Jewish Voice for Peace. Just as important was to continue speaking against any proposed aggression toward Iran, he said.

'That would be a catastrophe for a lot of people,' Greenleaf said." (source)

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