Monday, September 13, 2010

(VIDEO) Morasha - The Most Amazing Jewish Summer Camp

Education is the cornerstone of the Morasha experience. Camp Morasha integrates the best in informal and formal Jewish education in all of its programming and activities through a transformative and fun, co-ed, outdoor summer experience for Jewish youth. Through commitment to Torah principles and engagement with nature and the larger world, the camp inspires and develops the minds, bodies, hearts, and souls of its campers, nurturing their commitment to Torah, Modern Orthodoxy, and Zionism; developing their proficiency in sports, swimming and the arts; and nurturing a community defined by kindness, sportsmanship, personal responsibility, good citizenship, and mutual respect.

Camp Morasha is a non-profit organization which continuously reinvests its resources into its facilities and its programs, and in which its staff works as a team in order to bring out the best in its campers and itself.

Camp Morasha, located in the picturesque northeastern Pocono Mountains, is the home to over one thousand campers and staff members each summer. Since its founding in 1964, the camp has certainly grown, but their camping philosophy has not. Their commitment to providing a caring and exciting environment for personal growth while offering the best possible camping experience for your child remains unchanged. They live up to this commitment with their professional staff, creative programming, outstanding facilities, and almost 50 years of tradition.

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