Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(BLOG) 7 Facts That Show Norway As Anti-Israel And Anti-Semitic

  1. Back in 1992, colonel Haukland, commander of f Norway’s UNIFIL troops to Lebanon proved Norway’s commitment to upholding the absolute neutrality of UN peacekeeping troops by helping PLO terrorists escape Israeli detention.
  2. Prohibition of ritual slaughter. Since 1929 Norway has had a law that prohibits ritual slaughter. A similar law was adopted by the Nazis in Germany 1933, but abolished after WW2. The EU has expressly allowed ritual slaughter in its EU directive of June 22 2009 where the requirement for stunning is derogated in favor of human rights and freedom of religion (article 18). Norway continues to have a prohibition on ritual slaughter, arguing that the welfare of the animal takes precedence over religious freedom. Nevertheless, Norway allows whale hunting as well as regular hunting, where by definition the legal requirement of pre-slaughter stun has been derogated. Also, the Sami people have been afforded the right to upkeep their cultural rites and may perform ritual slaughter on reindeers intended for personal consumption. In contrast, the tiny Jewish community in Norway must import kosher meat, paying high custom tariffs for their right to religious freedom, but only to have overzealous customs inspectors regularly tearing the kosher seal on all bags in the imported consignment, rendering the meat taref, or non-kosher for religiously observant Jews.
  3. The Norwegian government is engaged in a de facto boycott of Israel, by denying Israeli companies participation in military contract bidding, denying German subs destined to Israel to practice in Norwegian waters and cancelling military events where Israeli officers are scheduled to give talks.
  4. Norway is the only country in the Western world where a sitting foreign minister has written a most troubling foreword to the book Eyes in Gaza by Israel haters Gilbert and Fosse, thereby endorsing classic anti-Semitic claims such as blood libel, etc
  5. Norwegian artists, newspaper cartoonists have no reservations using specific Jewish religious symbols, such as the Star of David, or otherwise resort to classic anti-Semitic stereotypes, to defame Israel or ridicule central Jewish religious sentiments, whereas they exercise rigorous self-control to not offend any other religion, in particular Islam.
  6. The minster of Education, Kristin Halvorsen, the only minister in the Western world to have participated in an anti-Israel demonstration that turned into a hate fest against Jews, has yet to respond to calls to implement specific action against anti-Semitism in Norwegian schools, more than 18 months after a young high school student first wrote a letter to the editor of Dagsavisen to draw attention to this very dark side of multiculturalism in Norway.
  7. Trine Lilleng, the only FMA employee to get a promotion after disseminating anti-Semitic messages to friends via her official work e-mail. (source)

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