Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(BLOG) Anti-Israel Bias Shows In Article On Blockade

"The Associated Press article - "Easing Blockade Not Enough to Rebuild Housing-Short Gaza" - as printed in the Oct. 9 Register has a definite derogatory effect on Israel.

It implies cruel Israelis won't allow adequate building supplies to relieve housing needs of suffering Palestinians.

Without a discussion of the reasons there was ever a blockade or such related issues, a simple, brief fact is left out of the article that readers are entitled to be told in order to be completely informed.

Very simply, Gaza has a border with Egypt, which for its own reasons, lets next to nothing go through to Gaza. Just using the words 'and Egypt' would have made it completely clear. The lack of those words revealed the writer's anti-Israel bias.

Why does the media - and not just the Register - always want to ignore the potential source of building materials and other supplies that could be coming across Gaza's border with Egypt? Is it a media bias against Israel? Sometimes media bias is not just what is said - it can also be from facts omitted.

Do the Egyptians dislike the Hamas-led Gazan government even more than the Israelis? Besides the supposedly cruel and inhuman Israelis, are leaders of the Egyptian government not even remotely willing to assist their Arab brothers?" (source)

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