Monday, October 25, 2010

(BLOG) Arabs Prune Olive Trees, Claim "Settlers" Cut Them Down

"On Saturday morning, Salima Ewes, 73, and her family found 40 olive trees had been cut down in their field in the northern West Bank village of Al-Lubban Ash-Sharqiya, southwest of Nablus city.

Akram Jamil Uweis said his family headed to their field to harvest olives, and found their trees destroyed. He said the family believed residents of the nearby illegal settlements of Eli and Ma’ale Levona were responsible for the attack.

As is often the case, the Arabs are claiming that religious Jews cut down their trees during the Jewish Sabbath - something very unlikely.

But beyond that, look at the pictures of the supposedly chopped down trees Ma'an show us:"

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