Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(BLOG) One Of A Kind

"In making a documentary film about the Holocaust, Goel Pinto discovers the woman who is his mother.

'We realized that we had to make a movie about the movie star,' says Goel Pinto, the director of the documentary One of Seven, which airs on Saturday, October 16. on Channel 8 at 10 p.m.

The star in question is his mother, Monique Pinto, mother of the seven children that give the film its title. Pinto is explaining his decision to change the film’s focus from his original plan, which was to make a film about the Holocaust and North African Jews. After interviewing his mother about the Holocaust, he knew he needed to make a film that was also about his family. And Pinto, 40, currently a literary critic at Globes and formerly a film writer for Haaretz who was recently a finalist on the Israeli version of Big Brother, has quite a story to tell. His father’s family had been in Israel for over 13 generations (in Safed), but then his grandfather moved to Algeria. His parents left Algiers for Israel in the early 1960s."

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