Sunday, October 10, 2010

(BLOG) PA TV Awards $100 Prizes For Denial Of Israel's Existence

"During the month of Ramadan, PA TV broadcast a special daily quiz program from refugee camps in Lebanon and in Syria, in which residents were asked to name five cities 'in Palestine' or 'the countries sharing borders with Palestine' in order to win $100 cash prizes. The PA TV host gave cash prizes to those who defined Israeli cities such as Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Ramle, and others as Palestinian cities and to those who disregarded the existence of Israel as a neighboring country. Referring to Israel, the host said, 'All of Palestine is occupied.'

The following are transcripts from this PA TV program,The Cedar and the Olive Tree, whose purpose was to reinforce the message that the Palestinian Authority does not recognize the legitimacy and jurisdiction of Israel anywhere. PMW is citing a number of examples from the program, including messages that recur, to demonstrate the use of repetition as one method of political indoctrination used by the Palestinian Authority and PA TV.

PA TV is under the direct control of the office of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas." (source)

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