Monday, October 25, 2010

(NEWS) English Defence League Hold Support For Israel Rally In London

"Approximately 2-300 EDL supporters gathered outside the Israeli Embassy in London where they heard a speech by Rabbi Nachum Shifren. The EDL for the most part were well behaved and good natured. The usual tense relationship with the press seemed to be better today. I stood happily chatting to various members and they seemed happy to pose for images.

There was a minor scuffle when someone poured water on the PA system and then run off down the road. Apart from that the battle with the small UAF counter demo was verbal.

After the event closed we heard that the Rabbi was going to speakers corner. Speakers Corner is one place in London where traditionally people can speak to the public and say what they want on any subject. Over the last few year Religion has become the predominant subject, various speakers from various religions speak there.

The Rabbi made his speech on the grass next to the main area, and as is accustomed at the corner was heckled from some in the large crowd that gathered.

As the speech finished, fights started to occur, I didn't see who started it so it would be wrong for me to speculate, until a group of approximately 15 EDL overturned a table being used by a muslim preacher. A fight started which led to two members of the EDL being arrested. I saw one other arrested in a separate incident." (source)

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