Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(NEWS) Gaza UK Activists On Final Leg Of Aid Journey

"Ali El-Awaisi (21) and Waseem Mughal (25) have been on the road for two and a half weeks in their mission to deliver medical supplies to the war-torn region.

They had hoped to be in Gaza by now but a few hiccups have left the duo, who are travelling with the group Road To Hope, behind schedule. As they prepare to cross the Libyan border into Egypt, it is hoped they complete the final 1000 miles of their journey by Sunday.

Ali's brother Khalid spoke to his younger sibling via the internet on Monday and said the two men are still in high spirits, although they have endured a car crash and illness along the way.

'They had a little incident where one of the vans hit the back of another car while they were in Spain,' he said. 'No one was injured but the van was badly damaged and needed to be repaired.

'Waseem also had a stomach bug but it is settling down now. Ali said people on the way have just come up to them and have been giving them flowers and food.

'At a public level, everyone has been supportive and won't charge them for things like food or petrol. When someone does that it lifts morale.

'Ali is just looking forward to getting to Gaza now.'

Ali and Waseem have travelled through London, France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya and are now set to make the Rafah Crossing from Egypt to Gaza in the next week." (source)

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