Sunday, October 10, 2010

(NEWS) An Indian Glimpse Of Israeli Life

"VADODARA: A glimpse of Israel from the lens of an Indian eye - a four-day photo exhibition was inaugurated in the city on Thursday by consul general of Israel in Mumbai, Orna Sagiv. The proceeds of this travelling exhibition will be given to the flood victims of Leh, said Sagiv. She also visited Amul in Anand and is hoping for some collaboration in future.

Sagiv said, 'This show will travel to various cities in India. In Gujarat after Vadodara, we will be taking it to Ahmedabad and Surat. The idea of this exhibition is to expose young people in India to the life, people and nature of Israel. These photographs are clicked by an Indian photo-journalist, who was part of the delegation sent to Israel last year.'

'Each photo represents the diverse face of Israel from streets, mosques, churches, lifestyle of people to ancient architecture. We did not plan to sell the photographs but when the show was put up in Mumbai many viewers expressed their interest in buying them. We then decided that if people buy them then the money collected through the sale will be given to the flood victims in Leh,' added Sagiv.

Talking about bi-lateral trade between Israel and India, Sagiv said India is the second largest export market for Israel. 'Our exports have grown this year which is very good. As per the recent figures at the end of 2010, our bi-lateral trade with India is stated to be around five billion US Dollars. At the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Summit, I am hoping greater participation of Israeli companies,' said Sagiv.

'I visited Amul in Anand and I am very impressed with the entire set up. Agriculture is one of the areas we are looking to collaborate in Gujarat and dairy sector too. There are some Israeli companies that plan to open diary farms in India,' Sagiv said." (source)

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