Thursday, October 14, 2010

(NEWS) Israel To Limit Code Positive ID System To Highest-Risk Countries

"The Israeli ministry of transport has decided to impose its controversial Code Positive pilot identification system only on airlines operating from airports where Israeli security services know that security measures are not 'hermetic', says a ministry source.

The move follows complaints by the Israeli pilots association, the European Commission, the International Air Transport Association and the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA).

The highly classified Code Positive system, developed by Elbit Systems, requires pilots pre-cleared to fly through Israeli airspace to carry an electronic personal identification card and - while in flight - enter a security code to allow Israeli air traffic control to confirm that an aircraft heading for Israeli airspace is not hostile. Since 1 March it has been active for carriers that took part in a pilot phase, with availability to others requiring further evaluation.

The European Commission had warned that Code Positive might create discriminatory disadvantages and impediments to the development of air services between Israel and European destinations without providing a satisfactory increase in security.

Some concern has also been raised that the system adds to pilot workload, potentially compromising safety while approaching Israel through disputed airspace in the vicinity of Turkey and Cyprus.

IFALPA wants the system junked, arguing that a positive identification does not guarantee normality and a negative identification does not clearly prove the existence of a threat.
The pilots group thus believes Code Positive offers at best a marginal security benefit that does not counterbalance the safety risks." (source)

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