Sunday, October 24, 2010

(NEWS) Israeli Champ Takes Chess Guinness Record From Iran

"Alik Gershon, 30, plays against 525 opponents simultaneously in Tel Aviv to honor the 20th anniversary of FSU aliyah, wins 454 of games played.

Israeli chess grandmaster Alik Gershon has taken the Guinness world record for most simultaneous chess games, stripping arch-rival Iran's current record-holder, Morteza Mahjoob, of the honor.

Gershon, 30, played 19-hours against over 520 players at Tel Aviv's Rabin Square finishing his games on Friday. Gershon won 454 (86 percent) of the games played, tied in 58 and suffered only 11 defeats as he topped the previous world record of 500 simultaneous games played at once."

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