Thursday, October 14, 2010

(NEWS) A Jewish Holy War Over An "Eruv" Is Being Waged In The Hamptons

"WESTHAMPTON BEACH, NY (WPIX) — The picturesque village of Westhampton Beach hasn't changed much over the years.

But people are scared that's about to change, because of a religion.

'Main street will become a farm, we might as well raise chickens and cabbages.' said one angry shop owner.

The fear is, a group at the Orthodox Hampton Synagogue, may get their way.

They want an 'Eruv' a symbolic religious boundary to surround the village.

'An Eruv is something that allows an observant jew to be able to carry their keys.' said Clint Greenbaum 'to push a baby stroller or wheel chair on the jewish sabbath on a public thoroughfare if they're going to synagogue.'

Greenbaum is a member of the Hampton Synagogue and says an Eruv can be discretely set up placing marks on telephone poles.

'I can guarantee you that they put one up I would point to it I would say point to where the Eruv is no one would know.' said Greenbaum.

The biggest opposition isn't from Catholics, Christians or Protestants, its from other Jews, there is actually a group called the JPOE Jewish People Opposed to the Eruv.

'we are jewish people we don't want to be demarked or delineated from the rest of the community.' said JPOE chairman Arnold Sheiffer.

The JPOE and others fear the symbolic boundary will be an open invitation to orthodox jews from outside the community and they will flood village.

'if you look on main street at one time one of them walked around and said you should close on saturday this is a resort community, they will be out of business.' said Sheiffer.

Greenbaum says called the opposition sad and disappointing.

'unfortunately I believe it's a scare tactic that is being used.'" (source)

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