Sunday, October 10, 2010

(NEWS) Jewish 'Settlers' Demand El Al CEO Quit 'Leftist Group'

"Habayit Hayehudi calls on Elyezer Shkedy to give up 'political activism', recognize his position as head of 'national symbol' even though company privatized.

Settlers in the West Bank are calling on El Al CEO Elyezer Shkedy to resign from the company or to give up his membership in the organization Blue White Future. They say this group holds that the evacuation of settlements is in the national interest.

Young members of Habayit Hayehudi sent a letter to the CEO of El Al, Israel's largest airline, claiming that Blue White Future is an extreme leftist organization which holds that the evacuation of Jewish settlements is in the highest interests of Israel, recognizes the sacrifice required of those who will be required to leave their homes, and calls for cooperation in coping with this evacuation and in resettlement."

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