Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(NEWS) Lifeline 5 Prepares To Head To Egypt From Syria

"The spokesman of lifeline 5 convoy, Zahir Alberawi, expressed his concern of the late Egyptian authorities response in terms of giving permission for the convoy to sail to the port of El Arish, and then go from El Arish port to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Alberawi said during a press conference held by the leadership of the convoy in the Syrian city of Latakia, on Sunday evening: 'Egyptian’s delay in responding to the leadership of the convoy on allowing them to go to El-Arish port is leading a widespread sense of frustration among the convoy’s participants.'

He added that the convoy was quite ready to sail with the completion of the screening process, control, and packaging the medical and humanitarian assistance which reached the convoy in Syria.

After the Conference , Albirwai said: 'Our partial move from the headquarters of the delegations’ gathering to the port has a case of pressure from us, in addition to being a lever to the morale of the participants, who started to complain about the delayed Egyptian response.'" (source)

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