Sunday, October 17, 2010

(NEWS) Making Aliyah From Mexico To Israel On Board A Yacht....Alone!

"Mexican citizen Galia Moss, 40, will spend 65 days sailing through the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea on her way to Israel. 'Anything is possible when you have the passion,' she says.

A 40-year-old Jewish woman from Mexico is currently making her way to Israel via a yacht in what is her very own private aliyah journey. Galia Moss, who departed from Veracruz on Tuesday, is expected to spend 65 days sailing through the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and will eventually dock in the Herzliya Marina.

She is equipped with a satellite phone, water and canned food. Moss is slated to cross no less than 12,000 km (roughly 7,500 miles) in a small 32-foot yacht and emerge a full fledged Israeli citizen."

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