Thursday, October 14, 2010

(NEWS) Nazi Hunter Zuroff On Trial For Libel

"Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff is fighting libel charges filed by an alleged war criminal in Hungary.

The case, being heard in a Budapest courtroom, began Oct. 8 and is scheduled to continue through a final hearing Dec. 16.

It is likely the first time that a man under investigation for mass murder has sued his accusers, Zuroff told JTA.

Zuroff, who has been searching for Nazi war criminals under the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Operation Last Chance program, submitted documents to the Hungarian authorities in August 2006 to prove that Sandor Kepiro, while serving as a Hungarian gendarmerie officer in World War II, organized a massacre of about 1,246 residents -- Jews, Serbs and Roma -- in the city of Novi Sad in January 1942."

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