Thursday, October 14, 2010

(NEWS) Phoenix Latino Leader "Carlos Galindo" Made Anti-Semitic Comments

"Galindo Refuses To Address Comments On His Blog.

PHOENIX -- Latino leader Carlos E. Galindo refused to answer questions Wednesday about past statements he made concerning Jews.

Galindo has been a vocal leader in racially charged protests against the Phoenix Police Department and Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

Galindo said Phoenix police Officer Richard Chrisman should face murder charges in the shooting death of Daniel Rodriguez, 29, on Oct. 5.

Galindo came under fire for his conduct regarding statements he made about the Jewish community on his blog a few years ago.

In 2009, Jewish News reported that Galindo posted anti-Semitic statements on his blog.
According to the paper, the blog said, 'The Jews . . . Oh the Jews, How the Americans kiss the Jews' (expletive deleted).'

The paper also related this quote from Galindo's post: 'Beware of this wolf dressed in sheep's clothing who today is the modern Jew. The Jew who knows how to control the media, and as always, knows how to control our money.'

'The comments I made about Jewish people have nothing do with what's going on here. I respect the Jewish people. I respect Israel's right to exist,' said Galindo during a protest he organized in downtown Phoenix on Wednesday.

CBS 5 News reporter Sarah Buduson pressed Galindo about whether holds the same beliefs he expressed in his blog post.

Galindo refused to answer.

'I'm not here to voice my opinion regarding any kind of a situation in the past. I'm here to address the Danny Rodriguez issue,' he said.

According to Jewish News, Galindo did add a note to his blog saying, 'It was not my intent to in any way defame or offend the Jewish Community.'" (source)

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