Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(NEWS) South African Zionist Federation Decides On Action Against "Saleys Travel Goods" - UPDATED

"The South African Zionist Federation on Tuesday said it has not decided on a course of action against Saleys Travel Goods.

The federation approached the Muslim-owned store for a consignment of bags for a conference and Saleys’ staff quoted on the federation’s request. But the company faxed the invoice to the federation with a handwritten message saying 'PLEASE DON'T PAY!! Don't contaminate our account with your blood money!' scribbled across the document.

The pro-Muslim Media Review Network has praised the store’s managers for taking a stance against what they believe is Israel’s occupation of Gaza and for supporting anti-Israeli propaganda and boycotts.

According to staff at Saleys, the owners are currently out of the country.

The federation’s Avrom Krengel said they are still considering whether to take legal action." (source)

Here is a copy of the invoice which Saley's Travel Goods sent back to the Zionist Federation.

Click the image to enlarge...

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