Sunday, October 31, 2010

(NEWS) Stolen Torah Returned To Phoenix Synagogue

"A Torah that was stolen from the Young Israel of Phoenix last week has made its way back.

How exactly it made its way back remains a bit of a mystery — as is the question, whether a reward placed on the website Craigslist for the Sefer Torah return played a role. The SEfer Torah, valued at $35,000, was recovered by detectives Friday, said Sgt. Steve Martos, a police spokesman.

Officials are still investigating the case and no arrests have been made.

A member of the Shul reportedly placed an ad on the popular website offering a $500 reward for anyone who could help locate the Sefer Torah or for the burglar to bring it back, Rabbi Reuvan Mann said.

Police could not say Friday whether the Craigslist ad led to the return of the Sefer Torah, or elaborate on the circumstances on how it was retrieved by investigators.

The Young Israel Synagogue of Phoenix, near Seventh Street and Maryland Avenue, was burglarized Monday and one of the Shul’s three Sifrei Torah was among several items taken.

'We are extremely appreciative,' said Rabbi Mann, 'It was returned in perfect condition, which is more than we could have hoped for.'" (source)

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