Thursday, October 7, 2010

(NEWS) Thousands Expected At Bnei Brak Funeral For Torah Scrolls

"11 torah scrolls were damaged in a fire that broke out in the synagogue of the Vyzhnytsia hassidim on the first day of Sukkot.

Bnei Brak today will witness a rare, if not downright extraordinary, funeral. The local media, both printed newspapers and posters plastered on announcement boards, have kept the mourning going in preparation: 'Deep mourning,' one poster ran. 'Scrolls burn and letters fly,' another declared. But the funeral, expected to be attended by thousands, including the most important of rabbis, is not for the mortal remains of mere men, but for 11 Torah scrolls damaged in a fire in the synagogue of the Vyzhnytsia hassidim, on the first day of Sukkot. The scrolls will be buried in special urns of clay, amid special prayers and speeches by the rabbis.

Police say the fire in Bnei Brak's largest synagogue began because of a short circuit in the ventilation system of the Holy Ark. The synagogue was full of people, and two were slightly injured by smoke inhalation."

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