Thursday, October 14, 2010

(TECH) iPhone 4 Launched In Israel

Three months after it was put on the market, the iPhone 4 has landed in Israel. It has been a long wait for countries outside of north America to receive the phone, but in Israel a far longer wait than consumers here usually have to wait.

The three Israeli cell phone companies Cellcom, Partner (Orange) and Pelephone who sell Apple's popular device received models of the new smartphone, for testing and technical configuration in August and were told to get ready for launch in September.

Each of the Israeli cellular phone companies has pledged to sell 60,000-80,000 iPhone devices per year, for three years. To date - seven months after the launch of iPhone in Israel -- the three seem to be having no problem meeting this target, with sales of 50,000 phones.

With the launch of iPhone in Israel in late 2009, Apple held a joint campaign in coordination with the three cellular companies, to the tune of $500,000, funded equally by each of the companies.

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