Monday, October 25, 2010

(TECH) Israel & Micromax Launch World's ‘Lightest Touch Phone’ – Modu T 3.G

"Video below: Micromax has engaged with Israel-based Modu Ltd. to bring Modu T, a 3.5G touch phone that was awarded the Guinness World Record for being the lightest touch phone in the world. Adding, the Modu T has a 2.2-inch touch screen and a memory card with 2GB memory capacity that can be extended up to 32GB.

The phone is featured with web access, Instant Messaging, direct links to different social networks, a built in FM radio, GPS, music player. A wide variety of applications such as YouTube, Google Search, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, TuneWiki, eBuddy, Snaptu & operates on Qualcomm’s Brew operating system is available with the phone.

Further, the phone has two jackets that when connected, add new features to the phone. The “camerafy” jacket converts the phone into a camera with a 5 megapixel resolution and LED flash

Micromax said it is working with modu to bring in more fy devices in the near future to make the phone multi functional.

In India, the Modu T phone will be available from October 22. As a launch promotional offer, it will come with pre-bundled with a 2GB memory card and both fy jackets with the price of the phone at Rs. 12,500." (source)

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