Monday, November 8, 2010

(AGRI) 300 Sri Lankans Recruited To Modern Agriculture Farms In Israel

"The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Israel facilitated an Agreement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of Israel to recruit seasonal agriculture workers into modern agriculture farms in Israel under a pilot project for six months. Accordingly, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment under its subsidiary, the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency (SLFEA) arranged to send 300 Sri Lankan employees to Israel in three batches by 3rd November 2010.

Based on the satisfactory performances by Sri Lankans more job opportunities would be offered for Sri Lankans by Israel with lucrative monthly salary of about US $ 1000/- under guaranteed labour rights and welfare conditions. These, Sri Lankan employees would expose to get experiences from modern and environment friendly technologies in Israel agriculture sector and in the long-run it would eventually assist them to apply in Sri Lanka on their return. This is the first time that Sri Lankan employees enter Israel job market in agriculture sector where, 30,000 workers from Thailand have dominated.

Under this pilot project the Government of Israel contemplating to curb undue high agency fees of approximately US $ 7,000/- paid to find a job in Israel despite legally approved fee being US $ 950/-only at present. An employee coming to Israel under this project had to spend approximately US $ 300 only and other expenses were borne by the Government of Israel.

Donald Perera, Ambassador of Sri Lanka and the officials of the Embassy in Israel welcomed the Sri Lankan employees on arrival at the Tel Aviv airport and made arrangements with the Israeli officials and the employers to ascertain their welfare needs giving necessary advice for them as appropriate.

These 300 agriculture employees joined to the labour force of approximately 5000 Sri Lankans already serving in Israel as caregivers, nurses while the Embassy is exploring to find more job opportunities for Sri Lankan youths in Israel in the future." (source)

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