Wednesday, November 3, 2010

(BLOG) Global Day Of Jewish Learning November 7th 2010

Video below: On November 7th, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz will culminate nearly five decades of groundbreaking work translating the Talmud, making it accessible to all Jewish people. The Global Day of Jewish Learning will honor that achievement by bringing together Jewish communities around the world in a historic, unifying celebration.

Each community throughout the world will decide what their Global Day event will look like. The structure of your event will depend on audience, resources and local interest. Some communities in North America are working with their local Jewish book fair to develop a meaning Global Day experience while others might be creating events around PJ Library or other adult learning opportunities in their own communities.

Every community event will be unique -- some might be an all day experience while others only an hour or two. For some, the Global Day will be a first-time learning experience; for others who learn regularly, this may be their first opportunity to learn in a large group setting. For still others, communal learning may be a regular practice and it will be the international achdut, or unifying aspect, that provides meaning. The important of the Global Day is bringing together your Jewish community from all walks of life and providing a Jewish learning experience.

The monumental achievement will be marked with a global simulcast of the event from Jerusalem, spanning 360 communities in 45 different countries.

Visit or to find a Global Day event in your community.

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