Sunday, November 21, 2010

(BLOG) Israel Is An Asset To The US, Always And Forever

"By Ana Ellis: 'I had faith in Israel before it was established; I have faith in it now. I believe it has a glorious future before it — not just as another sovereign nation, but as an embodiment of the great ideals of our civilization.'

Fifty-eight years ago, President Harry Truman made this declaration, in turn solidifying the relationship between the United States and Israel, not due to a feeling of necessity, but out of a commitment to what was right.

It took just 11 minutes for the United Statesto recognize the state of Israel in 1948. Since that moment, the two nations have forged bonds rooted in a strong foundation that continues to strengthen as the core values and shared interests of both Israel and the United States become increasingly intertwined.

Dedicated, committed, reliable, and trustworthy are all adjectives that both nations invoke when discussing their alliance. Surpassing six decades, the two nations have proven that they each possess resources -- tangible and intangible -- that are invaluable to one another.

There are those who argue that Israel is no longer a strategic asset to the United States. To them I ask, 'What is the value of our soldiers' lives? What is the value of your and your family's lives?'

These questions have no simple answers, but may be countered with these points: First, the United States' success in the Iraq war was due directly to Israeli products being used by the U.S. military. Next, Israel has taken casualties for the U.S. in a way that few other allies have. Third, with the money Israel has received from the United States in foreign aid, Israel has been able to provide security to its country that allows the U.S. to remove its aircraft carriers from the Mediterranean Sea, thereby saving our country significant financial resources. Fourth, about three-fourths of the money Israel receives in aid from the U.S. is spent on American-made military equipment, thus contributing to a critical component of the American economy and providing innumerable high-tech defense jobs.

Furthermore, with Israel's tools, military intelligence, and help, the U.S. has been able to identify, confront, and eliminate adversaries, while mitigating the danger to innocent civilian lives.

Today, the United States and Israel both fight against relatively autonomous enemies. Their adversaries are borderless and fight behind the civilians, not on their behalf. To ensure that both nations' soldiers are as safe as possible during these engagements, the two countries work together daily to develop valuable technology, mechanisms and tactics.

The value of our soldiers' lives and the value of your and your family's lives is far greater than the U.S. is capable of safeguarding alone. Without its alliance with Israel, the U.S. would be faced with the deaths of more of its own by our enemies.

As long as these enemies exist, soldiers will fight and citizens will need protecting, and Israel will remain the invaluable strategic asset to the United States that it has proven itself to be over the last 62 years.

Ana Dru Ellis is a senior at the University of Vermont, president of the UVM College Republicans and vice president of Campus LiaisonVermont Students for Israel." (source)

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