Monday, November 1, 2010

(BLOG) New PA Libel: Israel Tortures Prisoners With Hot Irons & Electric Drills

"Libelous drawings depicting fictitious 'Israeli torture' are part of the new introduction to a PA TV program for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and their families.

Purporting to show how Palestinian prisoners are tortured by Israel, the drawings portray Israeli prison guards:

1- Burning into a prisoner's chest with a hot iron;
2- Drilling a hole through a prisoner's hand;
3- Burning into a prisoner's shoulder with a soldering iron;
4- Whipping a prisoner while hanging him by his feet ;
5- Squeezing a prisoner's head in a medieval looking head press;
6- Chopping off a prisoner's arm below the elbow;
7- Hanging a prisoner by his arms while chains pull from his chest and neck.

Broadcast twice a week, the program For You is aimed at Palestinians imprisoned for terror offenses in Israeli prisons, where they watch the program. It includes footage from the prisoners' home villages and interviews with their family members, who send them televised messages.

PA TV is controlled by the office of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

It should be noted that no accusations about this kind of treatment have ever been made against Israel by the International Red Cross, by human rights groups or by Palestinian prisoners themselves.

In a striking irony, in the same week that the PA started to disseminate these libelous drawings on TV, an article in the official PA daily indicated that the prisons are very different than these libels portray. It stated that Palestinian prisoners are given educational opportunities. The PA daily celebrated how 'prisoners in occupation [Israeli] prisons complete university studies and obtain MA and Ph.D. degrees,' and proudly cited that 'since 2000 more than 10,000 Palestinian prisoners have attained matriculation certificates while still in the occupation prisons.' [Transcript below]

Another testimony corroborating the fact that prisoners are well treated in Israeli prisons came from a Palestinian prisoner interviewed on the For You program the day he was released from prison. The PA TV host was trying to have him express criticism of prison conditions, and repeatedly asked him about prison. The prisoner kept answering that prisoners 'lack nothing' in the Israeli prisons:

PA TV Host: 'You were in Megiddo [prison]. How are the guys?
You were released from prison just today.'
Prisoner: 'By Allah, the guys in the prison are fine. They lack nothing. They are doing fine.'
Host: 'Do they lack nothing?'
Prisoner: 'They are doing really fine.'
Host: 'They lack nothing, not even freedom?'
Prisoner: 'No. Freedom, Allah willing, there will be freedom.'
Host: 'How long were you in prison?'
Prisoner: 'Two years.'
Host: 'And you say that they lack nothing?'
Prisoner: 'I don't know.' (source)

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