Monday, November 15, 2010

(BLOG) Stephen Harper Is Exactly Right On Israel

"If Prime Minister Stephen Harper had the oratorical style of a Barack Obama, the nuanced elegance of a Pierre Trudeau, or the fire of a John Diefenbaker, his speech last week on anti-Semitism and Israel would be put on a pedestal.

It was blunt, it was courageous, and it stood tall and unflinching in its condemnation of the 'new anti-Semistism' now sweeping the world, as well as the growing hatred of Israel as it rightfully fights for its continued survival.

All Harper’s speech lacked — and remember, it was vitally important because it was addressed to 150 parliamentarians from 50 countries seeking answers to quell such hatred against both Jews and Israel — was the delivery of a master of the podium.

His words, however, were masterful words, and Canadians should be proud of their PM.

But not so proud of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

As conservative columnist David Frum wrote elsewhere, Ignatieff’s speech to the same group on anti-Semitism was strangely 'ambivalent' about Israel — stating only that global anti-Semitism would be lessened by a settlement of the Arab-Israeli dispute.

This would make some sense, presumably, except for the fact that preaching the hatred of Jews has been a staple in the Islamic world long before Israel took its first breath.

Harper served strong coffee, wrote Frum.

Ignatieff served weak tea.

As we stated here following Canada’s rejection by the UN for a seat on the security council — losing out to debt-plagued Portugal, no less — if it was Canada’s unwavering support of Israel that led to its first loss of a such a seat since the UN formed in 1945, then it should wear that loss with immense pride.

Canada stuck to its principles and lost.

We call that loss a win.

It would be all too easy to take a leave of absence in the face of anti-Semitism, and to feign some sort of blinkered neutrality.

But Harper was precise about our moral obligations, stating that whenever anti-Semitism raises its head Canada will take a stand against it, and then stand tall in defending Israel’s right to exist.

His speech should be mandatory reading in every university.

And for every Canadian with blinkers." (source)

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