Monday, November 15, 2010

(NEWS) Haifa University Bans Arab MK Zoabi

"Haifa University, known for its left-wing lecturers and disproportionately large Arab student presence, has taken the unusual step of banning a political event sponsored by the Arab 'Balad' party. The reason: MK Hanin Zouabi was scheduled to participate.

The event was to have taken place today, Monday.

The Dean of Students, Prof. Yoav Lavie, explained that he did not approve the event because of the participation of MK Zouabi aboard the Mavi Marmara ship amidst the Turkish-sponsored flotilla several months ago. Films of the event released afterwards showed that Zouabi was on the scene as terrorists on the ship were making plans to attack Israeli soldiers; nine members of the attacking force were killed in the ensuing battle."

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