Thursday, November 18, 2010

(NEWS) Samaria Resident Badly Hurt In Arab Ambush

"A Jewish man from Rechelim, in Samaria, suffered moderate to serious wounds when Arabs ambushed the car he was driving in, hurling a cinder block at him. The block struck his face, causing fractures to his face and skull.

The attack took place at about 2:00 AM Thursday morning near Shiloh, in the Binyamin area of Samaria. The man's car veered into an open ditch as a result of his injury. Eyewitnesses were quick to call security forces, and a Magen David Adom emergency services ambulance team gave him initial treatment and took him to Hadassah Ein-Karem Hospital. Faced with clear signs that terrorists are preparing to abduct IDF soldiers, Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi has instructed IDF commanders to reinforce soldiers' awareness of personal security protocol.

Soldiers in Judea and Samaria are believed to be under the greatest threat."

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